Therapeutic Yoga Groups

We offer therapeutic yoga processing groups for high school girls who experience intense stress, anxiety, and for those who have a hard time connecting with others because of their anxiety. Stress and anxiety are a natural and healthy part of life but sometimes they can get bigger than we want and need coping skills to manage it and people who can relate to it. In this therapeutic yoga group, you will be guided thought techniques to help soothe and relieve and relate to your anxiety and stress that feels safe and approachable. 

This group is led by Anastasia McAteer, who is both a trained yoga therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate under the super vision of Tracy Tanner, LPCS, LMFTS, and has led our 6-week series, Yoga for Anxiety for Teen Girls. Anastasia artfully blends techniques from modern neuroscience, yoga philosophy and yoga therapy into each group. Anastasia keeps in mind that group therapy can be anxiety provoking for most seeking help in this area and is sensitive and as accommodating as possible for each group member. Participants can expect the 75 minute group session each week to remain small, no more than five group members, and will include gentle yoga movement, open discussion, giving and receiving support, and breathing & meditation. Group members will receive take home handouts most weeks to deepen their practice in between sessions. 

Anastasia will be offering a similar group tailored towards college students in the near future, so contact us here to get on the list for future groups! 

LgbtQ+ and non-binary Groups

We all need to have a place where we can just be.  Sometimes it can be tough, though, to let that person on the inside feel comfortable being shown on the outside.  These groups provide a safe place for us all to be ourselves and to talk to others who may be experiencing some of the same things that we are.  None of us need to feel like we’re alone; we’re all on this same roller coaster together. These groups will offer a safe place for LGBTQ+ and gender nonconforming/nonbinary youth to meet, socialize, and learn.

Discussion topics vary by age and developmental stage, and will include:

  • Feeling good about being LGBTQ+ and non-binary 

  • Healthy relationships

  • Internet – what’s safe?

  • How do we identify ourselves?

  • Coming out – what now?

  • Identity and expression

  • STI’s and HIV

  • Shame and guilt

  • How to create our network of support

parent to parent groups

Parenting and raising a family can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ventures of life but it can also be challenging, isolating, exhausting, and downright puzzling! Parent groups help promote healthier ways of relating to yourself, your partner or co-parent, and your children, and can nurture the well being of the whole family. In today’s fast-paced and media-driven world, parents are more than ever in need of a space to meet face-to-face to share in the struggles, concerns, and, yes, even the joys of parenting. This biweekly group offers a safe and confidential space for parents to slow down, breathe, and connect with each other.

About the facilitator: Lysle Shaw, LMSW, is a social worker and psychotherapist under the supervision of Tammy Linseisen, LCSW, ACSW. Lysle’s experience includes facilitation of intensive outpatient process groups, adolescent/teen multi- family groups, and interpersonal process groups. Lysle believes that group therapy is a powerful tool for growth, change, and healing. Meaningful connection with others can reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with the demands of daily life as
well as open up new pathways for living. Group proves to be a salient reminder that we are not alone.