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Curious about how group therapy can support you or your teen? Groups offer a unique way to connect, reflect and develop relational, social and emotional tools. In addition to our signature GirlTalk Therapy series for teen girls, we also offer these innovative therapy groups:

We offer year-round enrollment based on availability. Every group requires an initial session to determine goodness of fit. Please contact us to learn more about these groups and see how we can support you and your family!

identity & relationship Groups


LgbtQ+ affirming Groups

Who am I and where do I belong? The LGBTQ+ affirming and Identity and Relationships groups support teens in developing a strong sense of self and healthy relationships. Within this group, the members will explore topics of:  

  • Identity & expression

  • Appreciation & Compassion (of self and of others)

  • Boundaries (healthy and unhealthy)

  • Relationships/building connections

  • Personal support network

  • Trust

  • Core values

  • and much more

These groups are inclusive and supportive, and help participants deepen their empathy and self-compassion.  Participants can expect the 60 minute group to remain intimate with no more than 6 members in the group.  Safety, security, and mutual respect will always be the core tenets of the group.

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Our LGBTQIA++ groups provide a safe place for us all to be ourselves and to talk to others who may be experiencing some of the same things that we are.  None of us need to feel like we’re alone; we’re all on this same roller coaster together. 

Discussion topics vary by age and developmental stage, and will include:

  • Feeling good about being LGBTQ+ and non-binary 

  • Healthy relationships

  • Internet – what’s safe?

  • How do we identify ourselves?

  • Coming out – what now?

  • Identity and expression

  • STI’s and HIV

  • Shame and guilt

  • How to create our network of support

These groups are lead by Justin Givan-Gonzales, LMSW, who is under the supervision of Lauren Dreyer, LCSW-S.

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friendship circle

 Facilitator Georgia Denny   

Facilitator Georgia Denny


The Friendship Circle is a 6 session GirlTalk Therapy Group for girls in elementary school. (We welcome the opportunity to include boys in this group so please inquire about that possibility!) This group will help your child learn the fundamentals of friendship building skills, explore ways to understand and manage their emotions and behavior, and practice expressing empathy for self and others. Our ultimate goal is to increase comfort in social situations, while celebrating each child’s uniqueness and the commonalities that bring us all together! Through collaborative games, meaningful dialogue, and art activities, the group participants will learn specific strategies for calming down, working out peer conflicts, interacting with others, and increasing self-awareness and self-compassion.

This group will be led by Georgia Denny, LMSW. Georgia is a former school counselor with boundless energy and passion for this age group. She is excited to lead this group on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00. For the 60 minute group sessions, your child can expect a mixture of focused skills-based learning along with active play, art activities, games and lots of fun!

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