• children and adolescents (from early elementary to high school)
  • teens who feel helpless, sad, lonely, disconnected, with “too many emotions”
  • complicated family systems
  • parents & families searching for stronger relationships


  • early childhood behavioral challenges & classroom strategies
  • adolescence & life transition issues
  • depression, anxiety & loneliness
  • finding forgiveness for yourself and others & working on self compassion
  • decisions about living a full & vibrant life
  • finding freedom from negative self talk
  • self-harm behaviors & risk-taking behaviors
  • disordered eating habits & negative body image
  • relationship questions
  • complicated family dynamics

Please note julia is not currently accepting new clients

Meet Julia

Julia Herman, LMSW is a Licensed Master Social worker and psychotherapist under the supervision of Mary B. Mattis, LCSW, LCDC. Julia believes that therapy is about having your inner world be seen and fully accepted.  Her ultimate goal for therapy is for you to begin to explore the delightful, complex, silly, mistake-making, big-feeling-having, dream-pursuing, fascinating person you are.

With kindness, “realness,” and understanding, Julia facilitates a safe therapeutic space. Julia has a playful style that includes person-centered, relational, creative and systems approaches.  Depending on the age of the client, therapy might include playing games, talking, listening to music, and different art forms.  During therapy, clients begin to uncover behaviors they might or might not want to change, feelings they want to talk about, and wishes and dreams they want to explore in a safe space.  Clients learn that who they are is intrinsically valued, appreciated, and fully understood. Feeling known at the deepest and truest level of the self is the building block of identity formation, and it is what Julia hopes to provide in the therapy room.

Julia’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in History from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.  Later, she completed a Master of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work.  She has over 9 years of experience in the therapy world, including as a preschool teacher, crisis social worker at a children’s hospital, and adolescent counselor at an eating disorder recovery center.  While Julia finds peace among the tall trees of the redwood forests of the Northwest, and on the beaches of the East Coast, she was born in Austin and is very grateful to call it home.  

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