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Girltalk therapy groups

GirlTalk Therapy Groups are the roots of GTTG. First offered in 2011, our teen girls groups have grown right along with us, with some groups moving into their third year together and new groups forming all the time! Identity and Relationship are the heart & soul of our groups. We offer a home where girls can learn about who they are and where they can find connection and a sense of belonging. Our GirlTalk group offerings change regularly to meet the needs of our clients. If you don't see what youre looking for listed, contact us to find out about getting on our waitlist for a girls group tailored to your daughter's needs. Read more below to learn how group might be just the thing for your teen. 

Year-round general interest grouPs

We offer open enrollment year round and accept referrals for middle and high school girls on an ongoing basis. Space is limited in each group and openings in current groups happen throughout the year. We also maintain a waitlist and open up new groups as need and schedules allow. Read on to learn about what a GirlTalk Therapy group is like and how you might benefit from joining us!

Each group is unique but all groups focus on self-compassion, identity, emotion regulation, healthy friendships, self-care, resilience, growth & transformation.


what is a girltalk therapy group?

Our middle school girls' groups use experiential activities and group discussion to create a safe, trusting environment for girls to learn more about themselves and each other. Groups focus on social awareness & skills, identity development, building self-confidence and self-compassion, developing empathy and a sense of connectedness, and helping girls navigate the transitions of early adolescence. From peer & family relationships, to body image and a rapidly changing sense of self, these groups help girls celebrate their unique selves and foster healthy friendships.

Our high school girls' groups help teens manage the stress that comes with high school and find balance with their academic, family, extracurricular and social commitments. High school is a time when the pressure to meet the expectations of parents, teachers and peers can become overwhelming, and our group gives girls the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment. This program will give your teen the foundation to develop healthy relationships, a strong sense of self and coping strategies for dealing with the challenges high school can bring.

Each group has its own personality and scope. Let us find the right fit for your needs. 

Why Do Girls Join Group?

Girls come to our groups for many reasons. Some are referred by individual therapists or school counselors, some ask their parents if they can have a place to talk about "girl stuff" and others come to us from parents who are looking for ways to support their daughters' mental health and well-being. Some of the reasons for seeking group therapy include:

  • Challenging peer relationships, bullying (aka relational aggression), not fitting in
  • Emotion dysregulation: losing your temper easily, getting overwhelmed, feeling out of control
  • Family issues: divorce, separation, conflict between parents & teens
  • Changing schools or moving to a new city
  • Transition into middle or high school
  • Poor self-image, low self-esteem, feeling badly about who you are

What Can Group Do For Me?


Group therapy can be an effective way to meet teens where they're most comfortable, in a small setting with like-minded peers. Some of our girls see us or other therapists for individual or family therapy, and use group to debrief with their peers, as well as give and receive feedback and support. Some girls have never tried therapy before and find the group setting to be more comfortable (even if they're nervous at first) than sitting one-on-one with an adult therapist. Therapy groups are different than group settings at school and extracurricular activities. They are therapist-guided to be safe, supportive, nurturing and engaging for girls from diverse backgrounds. The experience of being in group can be very healing for girls, and is especially helpful for girls struggling with social anxiety, or those who just feel awkward and uncomfortable meeting new people. Girls groups help girls learn that they can have healthy friendships with other girls, and that they are valued just for being themselves. Some of the benefits of group can include:

  • Feelings of confidence and connection
  • Learning more about who you are and how to be true to your values
  • Discovering how to use self-compassion instead of self-criticism
  • Building healthy friendships and stronger family relationships
  • Learning how to manage difficult feelings
  • Discovering your strengths, resources and inner resilience

Fees: $50/group session for 60-minute groups and $60/group session for 75-minute groups; $125 for initial 50-minute intake assessment to determine goodness of fit for group based on client needs and current group focus, address group expectations, goals and policies, and begin building a relationship between the client and therapist. We do not accept insurance but are able to offer statements for out-of-network reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company directly to verify benefits.