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We believe that the only constant is change. GT Therapy Group got its start in 2011 as GirlTalk Therapy, a passion project for founders Blake & Tracy that offered therapy groups to help tween and teen girls develop the tools to have lasting friendships and strong family relationships, make healthy choices and develop an appreciation for their inherent self-worth and individuality. As our practices and lives evolved, so did the scope and mission of GirlTalk Therapy. In 2015 we welcomed our first clinical associate intern Ariane, and the GirlTalk umbrella that had housed our groups and workshops was no longer broad enough to serve the growing needs and interests of our clients and clinicians. To honor our roots while making room for new Growth & Transformation, GirlTalk Therapy relaunched in 2016 as GT Therapy Group, a home for Therapy, Teaching and Training.


While our GirlTalk Therapy Groups and services for teens & families remain central to what we offer, we now provide therapy and workshops for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. Our clinical workshops & supervision provide fertile training ground for new therapists who are passionate about cultivating their own integrative treatment model under the guidance of our team of dedicated family systems clinicians. GT Therapy Group: Therapy, Teaching, Training.



Blake & Tracy wear many hats at GT Therapy Group! We are therapists, supervisors, teachers and directors. We work with clients in therapy, conduct clinical supervision for our Associate Therapists and other therapists in training, oversee the day to day operations, offer coaching and consultation services and, at our core, we are dedicated friends and partners who are pursuing our dreams right here at GT Therapy Group.

Meet Blake

OUR team

Meet our team

We believe in connection, collaboration and teamwork. Our Associate Therapists offer therapy services on a sliding scale and regularly consult with our directors and their clinical supervisors to provide the highest standard of care, and are skilled and thoughtful clinicians. We have an interdisciplinary team of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists & Associates, Licensed Professional Counselors & Interns and Licensed Master of Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Work therapists who enrich our community.

At GT Therapy Group we are dedicated to nurturing the growth of our team through mentorship and clinical training, and by honoring our diverse backgrounds and celebrating the core values that are at the heart of our work here. To nurture in ourselves, our community, and our clients what is real, true, meaningful, creative, and purposeful. To learn more about the process of therapy please visit our Therapy page.