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Accepting New Members for Ongoing Identity & Relationship and GirlTalk Therapy Groups

  • GT Therapy Group 612 W 22nd St, Unity B Austin, TX 78705 (map)

Now enrolling in our ongoing Identity & Relationship and GirlTalk Therapy groups for middle and high schoolers! Current groups are adding new members and new groups will form as space becomes available. 

Photo by  David Clode  on  Unsplash

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash


Identity & Relationships

Who am I and where do I belong? The mixed gender Identity and Relationships group support teens in developing a strong sense of self and healthy relationships. Within this group, the members will explore topics of:

  • Identity & expression
  • Appreciation & compassion for self & others 
  • Boundaries
  • Relationships & building connections
  • Personal support network
  • Trust-building
  • Core values

This group is inclusive and supportive, and helps participants deepen their empathy and self-compassion.  Participants can expect the 60 minute group to remain intimate with no more than 6 members in the group.  Safety, security, and mutual respect will always be the core tenets of the group.

GirlTalk Therapy

GirlTalk Therapy Groups are the roots of GTTG. First offered in 2011, our teen girls groups have grown right along with us, with some groups running for several years at a time and new groups forming every year! Identity and Relationships are the heart & soul of our GirlTalk Therapy groups. We offer a home where girls can learn about who they are and where they can find connection and a sense of belonging.

What makes a GirlTalk Therapy group different? Girls join our groups when they are struggling with depression & anxiety, when they've had challenging friendships & felt lonely or left out, when they've struggled with who they are & where they belong. Each group is unique and rooted in our values of integrating social-emotional skill-building with a non-curriculum, experiential experience that centers the girls and their goals & needs. Each group session allows the members to bring in what's present & needs attention, while over time building the scaffolding for solid coping skills for managing difficult emotions, challenging relationships, and using mindfulness & self-compassion skills to create a more stable & cohesive sense of self.

GirlTalk Therapy groups support:

  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Self-compassion & self-worth
  • Developing a solid sense of self
  • Healthy friendships
  • Empathy building
  • Meaningful connection
  • Pro-social behavior (i.e. learning how to engage in the world in a way that supports your goals, dreams, and relationships)

Current openings in Wednesday 6pm Identity & Relationship group (7th-10th grades) and Thursday 6pm GirlTalk Therapy group (high school) facilitated by Justin Givan-Gonzales. New sections of each group will be added as new members sign up. Contact us to get started!