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8-Week Friendship Circle & GirlTalk Therapy Groups

  • GT Therapy Group 612 W 22nd St, Unit B Austin, TX 78705 (map)

Now Enrolling for Fall 8-week Friendship Circle (Mixed Gender) and GirlTalk Therapy Groups for Elementary & Middle School

Photo by  Park Troopers  on  Unsplash

Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

The Friendship Circle is an 8 session group for boys & girls in elementary school, and we offer groups several times over the year, generally in the fall & spring. We offer multiple groups or co-facilitated breakout groups for the younger and older elementary group members to have a chance to practice their skill-building in an age-appropriate setting. This group will help your child learn the fundamentals of friendship building skills, explore ways to understand and manage their emotions and behavior, and practice expressing empathy for self and others. Our ultimate goal is to increase comfort in social situations, while celebrating each child’s uniqueness and the commonalities that bring us all together! Through collaborative games, meaningful dialogue, and art activities, the group participants will learn specific strategies for calming down, working out peer conflicts, interacting with others, and increasing self-awareness and self-compassion.

GirlTalk Therapy Groups are the roots of GTTG. First offered in 2011, our teen girls groups have grown right along with us, with some groups running for several years at a time and new groups forming every year! Identity and Relationships are the heart & soul of our GirlTalk Therapy groups. We offer a home where girls can learn about who they are and where they can find connection and a sense of belonging.

GirlTalk Therapy groups support:

  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Self-compassion & self-worth
  • Developing a solid sense of self
  • Healthy friendships
  • Empathy building
  • Meaningful connection
  • Pro-social behavior (i.e. learning how to engage in the world in a way that supports your goals, dreams, and relationships)

These groups are led by Georgia Denny, LMSW. Georgia is a former school counselor with boundless energy and passion for this age group. Danielle Bartlett, LPC-Intern will co-facilitate the GirlTalk Therapy group.  For the 60 minute group sessions, your child can expect a mixture of focused skills-based learning along with active play, art activities, games and lots of fun!

  • Friendship Circle for elementary age runs 9am-10am
  • GirlTalk Therapy group for middle school runs 10am-11am
  • A possible 3rd group will run 11am-12pm

Please note that we also offer year-round ongoing groups for middle & high school students through our Identity & Relationship (mixed gender) and GirlTalk Therapy groups. Learn more.