let's talk about s-e-x

Chances are you've struggled with how to talk to your kids about sex. If they're in their teens, many of you have probably had a few conversations, maybe even some that were a little awkward for you and your kids! The truth is, talking to kids about sex can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar for even the most well-intentioned parents, but we've found a great video that highlights some of the keys to talking early, often and openly with your kids about their sexuality


These simple tips can help parents start the conversation at an early age, and continue the dialogue (remember, not a one-way monologue) well into adolescence. For tweens and teens, questions about sex and sexuality are normal, important and best handled without judgment and with an open heart and mind. All families have their own values about sex, and it's important to communicate these to your child without passing judgment on her feelings, thoughts and questions. 

Remember that having sexual feelings is a normal and healthy part of growing up, and the "birds and the bees" talk can, and should, include discussion of what it means to have these feelings and how to safely explore sexuality in a developmentally appropriate way. For parents who want a unique website designed to help teens explore their questions about sex in a frank way and with open access to information, consider checking out Scarleteen, which is all about empowering teens to make healthy choices in their own best interest. And isn't that what we want for them after all?