halloween for tweens & teens


"I'm too old for trick-or-treating!" If the tween or teen in your life has gotten too cool for the neighborhood candy-gathering, there are still plenty of ways a family can get into the spooky spirit! 

  • Create a fun Halloween-themed menu with these tasty treats from the Food Network, perfect for any family with a little kitchen creativity! Get the whole family in the kitchen to create your own monster munchies!
  • Plan some tween-friendly games like a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt (hide spooky items around the house), bobbing for doughnuts or Pin the Face on the Pumpkin!
  • Gather up some classic Halloween movies that the whole family can enjoy, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Monsters Inc. or The Witches!
  • In Austin, take your tween to Lucy in Disguise to browse the costume selection and get into the Halloween spirit!
  • Let your teen take charge of passing out candy to the little ones once she's "graduated" from trick-or-treating, and take a cue from Modern Family in how to create a hilarious haunted house!