brave girls' club

One of our favorite workshop topics is the relationship between moms and daughters. After a wonderful weekend at GenAustin's We Are Girls Conference speaking about how to keep the connection strong between moms & their tweens, we are fired up to spread the word on how to strenghten this special relationship.

One resource we've found is the Brave Girls' Club, an online community for women and girls to celebrate being who we are and all the things that make us special! This month, the Brave Girls Club is offering a 3-week online program that opens November 15 for moms & daughters that taps into your artistic side to create memories and build that special mother/daughter bond as we lead into the always-busy holiday season. We love to find unique resources to give moms and daughters a chance to connect and create positive interactions, and we're glad to know that the Brave Girls Club is out there building community among women & girls, just as GirlTalk Therapy aspires to build relationships and grow strong, independent and healthy families!