parenting tips from kids like you

We love the concept over at Radical Parenting, where the parenting advice columns come straight from the source: the kids! How many times have you thought "Mom & Dad just don't get it. Why don't they listen to me?" The site was created by a then-teen author, and the topics range from technology to friendships to how parents & teens can communicate better. Here are just a few of our favorites written by teens and the site's creator:

On Technology: Four Popular Apps for Kids

On Communication: Five Common Parent-Kid Fights and How to Stop Them

More Communication: Five Things Every Teen Wants Their Parent to Know

Got some tips for how Mom or Dad should be doing things better? What advice would you give if you could sit down and write it out for them? Parents, what do you remember saying to yourself that started with "I'll never do_____________ when I'm a parent!" Sometimes it helps to have tweens and teens spend a little time telling Mom & Dad how to fix a problem. You never know when that idea is going to be the best one!