Tween Style: From chapstick to lipstick

Dealing with the issue of makeup can be a tough subject in some households. Each parent may hold different opinions on when, where and how much is appropriate. Sometimes it's difficult because your tween’s BFF is allowed to wear makeup and you might be undecided (or totally against it), but your daughter won't let you hear the end of it!  Here are some ideas to help you ease your tween into her new style without driving you crazy in the process:

  • Compromise - saying a flat-out no right away may backfire, resulting in your child pushing back even more or going behind your back. Listen to her first and come up with a reasonable compromise. While you may think she's trying to look like a fashion model, she may be thinking it would be cool just to wear mascara
  • Start simple - explore with her some light and natural looking makeup; go to a makeup counter with her and get some samples and a mother/daughter light makeover 
  • Set limits - let her know what her boundaries are; help her learn where and when can she wear makeup and when it's not appropriate
  • Teach technique - along with good makeup application goes good skincare hygiene; she will need to be responsible about taking off her makeup if she is going to wear makeup; teaching her proper technique will also help prevent her from going overboard! (if your tween doesn’t want to learn from you, consider a makeup class or a birthday party with a style & makeup theme)

Now...have some fun and make some homemade lip balm together using this recipe:

16 teaspoons sweet almond or peach kernel oil
4 teaspoons beeswax
4 teaspoons cocoa butter
4 teaspoons honey
24 drops vanilla flavor oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E 250 IU
Put oil, cocoa butter and beeswax into a glass jar. Place jar in pan of boiling water over medium heat. Stir occasionally and heat until all are melted. Remove from heat and add honey, flavor oil and vitamin E oil. Mix well and pour into containers. Makes approx 12-13 1/4 oz containers.