back to school part two: one last bash!

Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end! Well, the heat might be around a while, but school will be back in session in no time. We've got a three-part series to get you and your tween ready for the big day! Check out Part One here.

Back-to-School Bash!

back to school.jpg

We know what you're thinking. How could you possibly have time to plan a party with the million and one other things on your plate before school starts? The trick to this one is to keep it as low-key as possible and incoporate your back-to-school shopping into the prep. The good will you can generate by hosting even a party of two for your tween can help generate a great start to the coming year, and you can even do good while having fun!

  • Have your tween draft her own "lesson plan" for the party: create homemade invitations with school-themed stickers, use a mini chalkboard or whiteboard to greet the friends with the day's routine. Let your tween take charge of party planning and ensure that all party supplies be purchased with school supplies in the same trip. 
  • Help your tween put together small goodie bags for her guests with pencils, erasers, an apple, a bookmark, or some stickers to create fun treats.
  • While your tween is picking out party/school supplies, invite her to select supplies with a pre-set dollar figure to donate to Austin Bat Cave or a charity of your choice!

There are so many ways to do good while having fun and incorporating acts of charity and good will with "just for fun" activities is a great way to inspire lifelong giving. Austin Bat Cave is a great non-profit that provides free creative writing opportunities for children and teens. Check them out!