back to school part three: final countdown!

Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end! Well, the heat might be around a while, but school will be back in session in no time. We've got a three-part series to get you and your tween ready for the big day! Check out Part One here and Part Two here.

The Final Countdown

Perhaps you've already had your first day back. Maybe your family is enjoying one last week before the school year begins. Wherever you find yourself along the journey back to school, here are a few final rituals to help you get off on the right foot.

  • Let your child select the menu for a “last supper of summer” or a “back-to-school breakfast.” Be flexible and remember that anything goes on this menu, from a favorite home-cooked meal to an outing at a favorite pizza place to allowing everyone to have dessert first. It’s your tradition, so do what will make it memorable for your family! If you have more than one child, have several nights of a special meal to give each child the chance to set the scene.

  • Ready all your school supplies and organize the backpacks together the night before school starts.  Make a morning checklist so you don’t forget anything – this will ease your anxiety as well as theirs! Slip a note or small treat into your tween's bag so she has something to bring a smile to her face the next day. That first day of school can be nervewracking, especially if a child is transitioning to a new school, so a small reminder of your support can ease those jitters.
  • Create a ritual when your child completes her first day of school. You can choose to have a small prize waiting on their bed when they get home or plan to eat out that night so your child can share his/her experiences from the first day with the family. Try to schedule a night off for everyone in the family that night to allow some time to decompress and reflect on the new year. No matter how the first day goes, let your tween know you're proud of them for who they are!

Good luck to all our families as you embark on a new school year!