loving the body you have

Every day we are bombarded with unrealistic images of the elusive "perfect" body. Even though our heads may tell us that these images are photoshopped, that we are good enough as we are, it can be really hard to remember that! Luckily, there are some amazing resources out there to remind us that our worth comes from within, and that practicing self-acceptance is a critical part of building a healthy self-image. 

For some true inspiration, visit MissRepresentation.org and check out their documentary as well as the resources they have for empowering young women to "be the change you wish to see." One component of our GirlTalk Therapy groups is talking with girls about the pressures they face to conform to an unattainable ideal, and how to build a strong sense of self in the face of so many unrlenting images of who women and girls are "supposed" to be. What we practice is how to value who we are, what we can contribute to the world and what are strengths are above how we look, and how to treat our bodies and our selves with the respect, consideration and love that we all deserve.

This video has made the rounds, but it's a great reminder of just how unrealistic the images of women's bodies in magazines are.