Realistic resolutions

Happy New Year! As you're busy making New Year's resolutions, here are a few tips for setting realistic and achievable goals that you can actually keep! The new year is a great time for reflecting on things you're proud of from the previous year and what you want to keep doing, as well as what you might want to change in small, doable ways. From GirlTalk Therapy to you, we wish you a very happy New Year!

  • Be Specific. Resolutions like “be a better person,” “be healthy,” or “do well in school” are great starting points, but they never last long because they don’t offer specifics. Consider resolutions such as, “Eat at least one balanced meal a day” or “Give a compliment to someone at least once a day” or “Go to tutoring at least once a week.”
  • Give Yourself Praise. In order to keep up with a new resolution, you are going to have to give yourself some sort of incentive along the way. You deserve some praise and reward for keeping up with something for a long time! Create a calendar and mark it for every day you keep to your resolution. If you’ve done 7 days straight, then don’t be afraid to reward yourself in some small way!
  • Think Ahead. It is hard to keep something up for an entire year, so maybe break down a resolution for each month of the year. This really works for people who need some change and flexibility. Can you think of 12 resolutions you’d like to make for yourself?
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