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Girls Rock Austin We’ve mentioned teen phenom Tavi Gevinson and her awesome TedxTeen Talk before, and her message is so important we want to highlight a few of our favorite parts. Tavi addresses the lack of strong female characters in movies and television shows, and describes her experience of growing up as a girl in a world where teen girls are under- (and mis-)represented in the media. The confusion Tavi felt from attempting to navigate through early adolescence with few strong role models led her to take matters into her own hands and create an online publication by and for teenage girls. Tavi’s website is a place where tween and teen girls can come together to support each other through different mediums, such as writing, art, and music.

When girls come together, they are powerful. Teens often feel they have a limited number of outlets where they can express their thoughts and explore the sometimes rocky terrain of adolescence.In many ways, girls can be their own best advocates and supporters. Through innovative websites like Tavi’s, through the supportive environment of group therapy, and in positive peer groups, girls can learn what it’s like to have the unique support of other girls. And that’s truly powerful.

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