Girls in School

Now that school is in full swing again, students are likely to be completing many tests, 

essays, and projects. Last week The New York Times published an


titled “Why 

Are There So Few Women In Science?” addressing the disparity in the number of women and 

men in scientific fields. The author examined the bias against women in science-related fields 

and how this results in low pay, less recognition, and less authority. The author interviewed 

several female students enrolled in Yale’s undergraduate science-related degrees and found 

that many of them dealt with hostility while in high school when they attempted to pursue the 

advanced, rigorous math and science classes. These girls reported being given a hard time in 

college and in high school by teachers and fellow male classmates. The article explains that in 

elementary schools, boys and girls perform the same in math and science. However, by high 

school, boys are doing better than girls in these subjects. 

For this reason, it’s important to remind girls to seek academic help when they need it, 

especially in the subjects of math and science. Schools provide many helpful resources, such 

as tutoring and peer-tutoring that could greatly benefit girls’ academic success in math and 

science. Most schools have clubs and groups dedicated to academic subjects and involvement 

in these clubs could be a great study tool as well. (Check out

for lots of great information on STEM clubs in your neighborhood.) Girls can benefit from forming study groups with fellow students in order to build strong peer relationships and learn study techniques. Plus, there are inspiring resources such as 


 for girls interested in STEM fields. We admire women like Natalie Portman and 

Debbie Sterling

 who encourage females to rise to their full potential and seek out what they love despite the obstacles! With the support of others, school can be a lot less stressful than you think!