Celebrate the Millennial Woman!

This is a great time of year for celebrations and congratulations! GirlTalk Therapy would like to extend a BIG thank you and congratulations to our wonderful intern, Sonia Medina, who has been with us since August. Not only has Sonia put in many hours each week to help us with our GirlTips, Pinterest page and a community resources page for our website (coming soon!), she has also finished her undergraduate degree in Psychology from St. Edward's University! It's been a busy semester for Sonia. We could not be more pleased with what she has done to help us grow and serve more tweens and teens! 


For this reason, we'd like to dedicate this week's GirlTip to STRONG MILLENNIAL WOMEN! First off, many of you may be wondering, "Uh, what is a 'strong millennial woman?'"...well, let's talk about that!

Millennials are oftentimes referred to as Generation Y - people born in the early 1980s through the millennial year 2000.

Generation Y women have been shaped by technology, social media and a powerful cultural shift to the belief that girls can do anything that boys can do. As a result, these women have redefined traditional roles and expectations of what it means to be a girl or a woman. There are amazing women creating blogs, websites and companies dedicated to the millennial woman. There are even tips for millennial women to help them succeed and go further. We feel it's important to recognize the very amazing women out there who are instrumental in the positive growth of our community and our community members!

Now, a brief word to our STRONG MILLENNIAL WOMEN out there:

Be the role model for the young girls of today! Pave a path that will help them grow and learn! Take all that you have been given (and all that you have worked for!) so that others may benefit too!

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