highly sensitive teens

Have you ever hear of the term "Highly Sensitive Person?" If not, this may conjure images of someone who takes things a little too seriously, overreacts and is high maintenance. These negative associations with the term "sensitive" pose significant challenges for kids and teens who fall under the category of "HSPs." 

HSPs tend to be people who are conscientious, intuitive, deep thinkers with a tendency to get overwhelmed in highly stimulating environments. Imagine being a highly sensitive teen in a normal high school! Our world is structured to accommodate & reward outgoing, highly extraverted personalities, and teens who don't fit into this mold can feel like they don't belong.

One way to counteract that feeling of being misplaced is to help redefine what it means to be highly sensitive or introverted. For instance, try replacing the word shy with observant; overreactive with attuned to others; too serious with deeply reflective? What other ways can you think of to redefine HSPs and celebrate the qualities that make HSPs special? 

Want to know whether you or your teen share some HSP traits? Take this quiz here.

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