The beauty of friendship

With all the talk about relational aggression and so-called "mean girls" in the media, we feel it's vital to reflect on the aspects of female friendship that are loving, special and strong. A recent article in Darling Magazine captured this beautifully:

We can laugh, cry, connect, converse and empathize. We can teach and mentor one another. We can be moved to action, or we can just rest among one another. 

In our girls' groups, we're blessed to witness this beauty of female friendship. Girls are in a unique position to understand what other girls are going through, because they've been there too! Girls get how tough it can be to fit in, to make new friends, to balance school, family and social lives. When we share laughter and tears with other girls, we feel connected, understood and supported. When we reach out to offer a shoulder to cry on to another girl who's struggling, we create deep bonds and feel happier and stronger as a result. We can learn so much about who we are when we connect with other girls.

While our friendships may not always be easy, female friendships are so very rewarding. Find ways to nurture your girlfriends, and you will find that you are building resilience and growing stronger. How can you be a good friend today?