work it out

Exercise is more than just a way to keep us in good physical shape. Exercise also helps keep us in good mental health shape! We found an article that mentions 13 ways exercise can benefit your mental health. This is just as true for adults as it is for teenagers, and gives us 13 more reasons to get moving with the family. Here are some of the many benefits explored in the article:


  • Stress release! Don’t think just because school is out that teens won’t have anymore stress. It comes from all places - friends, family, summer jobs and even vacations.
  • Increase the joy! Exercise increases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and joy. We could all use a little more of that!
  • Self-confidence boost! We all know that teens care a lot about their physical appearance, and we should all have a healthy respect for wanting to look and feel our best. But did you know that exercise is really good for the skin? Exercise is good for our circulation and delivering nutrients to our skin. This should be super good news for teens!
  • Mega brain power! Along with that improved circulation comes more blood flow to the brain, which really helps us with quick thinking and creativity! 
  • Relaxation after hard work! Teens will sleep better during the night and feel more relaxed during the day.


It’s time to get movin!

 Here are some links to get you started on a healthy adventure this summer!

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