Feminism for Teens


Sometimes the word "feminism" or "feminist" can evoke strong conversations between people. There are some common stereotypes and myths that align with feminism. Two of the most common misconceptions are that feminists hate men and that they can only be women. Both assumptions are false. In today's GirlTip we want to share the voices of teenagers and young adult women. We've done some research (though barely waded through the masses of information available to us via the internet) and collected several websites, blogs and posts that speak about the subject of feminism. Like with all our GirlTips, we bring this to you today because it is relevant to the population of tween, teen and young adult females that we work with in our groups. In fact, this very subject just came up as a topic in one of our high school groups. We believe that by knowing more about feminism we can help to eradicate some of the myths and build strong communities of women who think for themselves and stand up for their own beliefs. 

Jules Spector is a teen blogger who writes about feminism from a teenage perspective. Her topics span from teen body image all the way to fashion for feminists. She has a wide variety of writings and engages her readers with meaningful and relevant subjects!

The Huffington Post shares short articles from teen writers. Many of the articles are written to de-bunk the myths of feminism and share opinions and viewpoints from young women across the country.

Need some literary inspiration? Here's 15 young adult novels that encourage young women and share a feminist perspective.

The Huffington Post also shares articles written by and about male feminists. These articles challenge conventional thinking and express opinions and beliefs that deserve to be heard regardless of whether you agree with them or not. We really like the video posted by celebrity Joseph Gordon-Levitt because he asks to hear the voices of others and engages our community to begin a dialogue with each other. Check it out here.

We've only shared a small part of what is available on feminism via the world wide web. We encourage you to do your own research on the subject, too! Have a wonderful week!