Let Your Voice Be Heard: Teens and Voting

It's election season again, and the time is here for getting your daughter fired up about her right to vote! Well before she turns 18, she can begin learning what it means to engage in the election process by learning about local elections, local candidates, volunteering for causes she believes in and going with you to the polls. Participating in elections is a great way to build a strong sense of connectedness to your community, and can help your daughter feel like she's a part of the leadership! 

Rock the Vote has opportunities for young people to get involved by bringing their Democracy Class program to schools. Teens can learn about how the elections process works, how to participate, and how to have their voice heard on election day, as well as how to engage in healthy political debate and advocacy. Locally, the League of Women Voters publishes a non-partisan voter guide that you can use to open up a dialogue about the role of women in politics, the importance of voting, and explore your teen's beliefs and values. For more information on voting in Travis County visit the Clerk's website here. Early voting runs from now until Halloween and Election Day is November 3. 

Happy voting!