Hello December...Here You Are Again!

Are we all thinking, "December already!?!?" It doesn't seem so long ago that we were posting GirlTips about the Thanksgiving and Winter holidays (did one of those posts really come from 2012?!?). If you are in the same boat as us when it comes to the busy holiday season, you may want to take 5 minutes to continue reading this GirlTip aimed at parents of teens.

Stress Facts Source ( Click Here )

Stress Facts Source (Click Here)

KNOW the FACTS about STRESS so YOU can DO SOMETHING about it:

1. Three-fourths of the human population undergo stress in varying levels in a 2-week period. The working population is particularly subject to emotional, physical, and mental stress.

What YOU can do about it: If so many people are stressed, it's likely you are not alone in your circle of friends. Spread the news that you want to do something to reduce the stress you feel this holiday season (and beyond!). Make a facebook group and ask friends and family to join with the purpose being that you will share stress-reducing ideas and support for each other.

2. Laughter is usually the best natural medicine. It lowers levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine, which are stress-aggravating hormones; and it releases feel-good hormones.

What YOU can do about it: Ever heard the phrase "comedic relief?" We are serious about it! =) Enjoy a funny holiday movie while wrapping presents or writing your Christmas cards. Here's a list of funny holiday movies to enjoy!

3. Stress triggers blood vessels to close, thereby reducing profuse bleeding from a flesh wound. The term stress means to draw tight, which originated from the Latin word stringere.

What YOU can do about it: Engage in some sort of physical activity (and this doesn't mean walking around the mall while you shop...unless that is a soothing activity for you). We suggest stretching for a couple minutes every now and then, taking a yoga class, or even walking around Town Lake to also get a good dose of nature!

4. According to an opinion poll, the major cause for stress in nearly all countries surveyed is money. The less stressed are: Russia, France, and Italy.

What YOU can do about it: Suggest to family members that this year you draw names to pick a gift for ONE person rather than trying to stretch the budget to accommodate all the family members. It can be fun to do a White Elephant Christmas exchange too in lieu of traditional Christmas gifts!

5. Cocoa and chocolate, which are rich in antioxidants, have been are known to reduce stress.

YOU know what to do with this one! ;)

We hope that this list helps you re-think how you tackle your holidays...and when all else fails, try this: