Nurturing Your Body and Mind

Has getting back into routine now that Spring Break's over been difficult for anyone else? It was great to have some time away from the regular schedule, but time away like that can also be very disorienting and somewhat tough on one's "system." 

Spring can be a wonderful time to renew and refresh one's daily habits. Now is a great time to not only "Spring Clean" your house, but also your body! 

Many foods have been researched and proven to be very nutritious and also great for one's mental health. Here's a look at FIVE foods that'll do a body (and mind) good:

1. Fatty Fish (boosts learning and memory)

2. Whole Grains (brings good energy)

3. Lean Protein (balances serotonin levels)

4. Leafy Greens (helps with sleep)

5. Yogurt (reduces stress hormones)

Start the habit today of choosing just one healthy food to add to one of your meals. It is much easier to start incorporating good foods into your system than to try and take out the not-so good foods first. Pick foods that will not only provide you with great nutrition, but also give your mind a boost! With the end of school already on its way, you'll benefit from the extra help of some healthy food! Good luck!