SXSW and Spring Break

Spring Break!?!?! Okay, though the weather might not be indicating any signs of Spring in our future, we still get a break from school next week (thank goodness!). SXSW also offers popular events during this time, and there are many tween and teens appropriate activities that we want to bring to your attention...along with other Austin fun! 

The annual kite festival was rained out last Sunday so it is on for THIS Sunday (March 9th) at Zilker Park. Bring a picnic blanket, kite and friends to hopefully enjoy some sunshine and warmth! (Did you know that this festival has been going on since 1929?!?!)

Next on the list is a free SXSW workshop for young girls! This AWESOME workshop is co-presented by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and Austin Bat Cave. It is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring journalists!

Moms and Dads may be interested in the documentary film 'Beginning With the End'. The film follows a group of diverse teenage girls who receive training to work as volunteers in hospice, caring and aiding the dying elderly. also offers a list of Spring Break camps and activities offered to a wide variety of ages! We give two thumbs up to GenAustin's We Are Girls Spring Break Camp!

Whatever you do this Spring Break, be sure to enjoy your time and find moments of RELAXATION! Don't feel the need to fill every minute with something to do...sometimes the greatest thing to do is NOTHING!