Be Your Own Best Friend


The tendency to be so much harder on ourselves than we are on loved ones seems to be almost universal.  We're so quick to comfort friends or family when they're feeling down about embarrassing moments or unfortunate mistakes.  We assure them that even though this one failure feels huge at the moment, it really isn't that big of a deal.  We help them find the humor in the situation and laugh it off.  We chalk it up to being a learning experience, and remind them that they'll know better, and do better next time.

But then when we find ourselves in a similar place, we beat ourselves up over our own short-comings.  How many times have you caught yourself dwelling on an excruciatingly embarrassing moment days, weeks, sometimes even months later?  Or scolding yourself, internally calling yourself stupid or foolish?

own best friend.jpg

We often minimize the mistakes made by people we love, but don't give that same compassion and support to ourselves.  Next time you realize you're being hard on yourself about coming up short in some area of your life, try imagining what you would tell your best friend or your younger sibling if they were in your place and looking for comfort and guidance. Let's try that RIGHT NOW! Think of a recent time that you made a mistake. Close your eyes and imagine your very best friend standing right in front of you. What would they say? Now picture yourself standing right in front of you. Take the words of your best friend and have yourself repeat them back to you. Feel better yet? It take some practice, so try that same exercise a few times today!

you're my best friend.jpg

Being as generous with ourselves during vulnerable moments as we are with other important people in our lives has the power to change the way we feel about challenges, as well as the way we face them. You just might be the best source for the encouragement you need! 

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