Go Grit! Part 1 of 2


Grit. Don’t you love/hate that word? It sounds like something we might have between our teeth. The definition of grit, particularly when it comes to teens, really has to do with “the perseverance and passion for long term goals.” This article explains that grit is an excellent predictor for future success – even better than one’s IQ or test scores! The article also indicates 3 steps that help teens develop grit:

1. Allow setbacks to happen. We can’t control everything and life is full of setbacks and mistakes. Remember all the GirlTips we’ve posted about self-compassion? This is a wonderful reminder that life and humans are full of imperfections. When you think about it, setbacks actually help us in the end!

2. Embrace Challenges. Do something difficult and then remind yourself of step number 1 when you get stuck!

3. Develop a “Growth Mindset." Life isn’t just a checklist. We must focus not just on achieving but also the process getting there.

Angela Lee Duckworth is a researcher of grit and self-control. In fact, she influenced the above article a great deal! She talks about her background and explains grit in her TED talk video below. For more information visit her website and stay tuned next week for Go Grit Part 2!