Like Mother Like Daughter...?

Dove has had some really excellent ad campaigns that look at how society views and perceives beauty. Well, they've done it again. Take a look here.

Good Morning America had a special segment on this powerful ad and its message. In the segment, there are some healthy and helpful suggestions on how moms can lead their daughters to a more positive self-concept. Here's a couple of our suggestions for you to try:

1. Model good self-care. What we mean by this is to be mindful to take time out of the day for yourself. If you need to take a break from doing the dishes or checking emails, do it! Our go-go-go mentality spreads easily to others. Stop for just a minute and breathe...maybe your daughter will ask why you are doing it and it will provide the opportunity to talk about good self-care.

2. When you've said something that you realize might be taken the wrong way (or it really was said in the wrong way!), it is not too late to go back on what you have said. Change your statement with something like, "I just realized what I said was pretty judgmental and harsh about myself. It's okay for my hair to not be perfect today. I think more people will be looking at the smile on my face anyway!"

We think the ad is a great example of how self-compassion not only serves the self but also others. For moms who are new to our GirlTips (or those who want a refresher) on self-compassion, click here for more information and also here on how to start this very important practice!