LoveTip: Our Hour

The transition into parenthood can be a rocky one. Albeit wonderfully filled with the happiest moments of your life, many often find themselves experiencing some of their lowest or most frustrating moments as well. Caring for one or more little ones (or teens for that matter!) can also take a toll on your relationship, and finding the time to focus on your connection to your partner can seem like a daunting task between meals, work, soccer practice, alone time, sleep, etc... So why not start small?

The concept of "Our Hour" is simple. It's one hour a week to spend with your partner. The point is to connect free of distraction, so we suggest tabling your cell phones and screens. Use your hour to put on a record and listen to music, whip up a fun meal, take a walk and hold hands instead of babies, dream together, discuss, laugh, dance, you name it! The point is, that you are intentional in making time for your relationship.

Why not start this week?! Sit down with your partner, break out the calendars, and give yourselves something to look forward to! We wanna hear your ideas for how you'd spend "Our Hour" with your partner. Share below!