ParentTip: Do Your Part(ner)

In the spirit of love, Plum Organics has launched an important (and hilarious) campaign asking parents everywhere to make a pledge in the name of love. Their Do Your Part(ner) campaign is focused on the little things that we can do to make our partners feel loved and appreciated. They’ve even got a list of G-Rated Quickies to add just a touch of playful intimacy and affection to your everyday routine.

All joking aside though, this campaign is rooted in the often overlooked idea that happy parents make happy families. In a culture that celebrates child-centered homes and praises the “mother as a martyr” narrative, it’s quite refreshing to be reminded that loving yourself and your partner, will ultimately increase your ability to love your children. They also consult one of our very favorite sex and intimacy experts, Esther Perel, about what it looks like to be a parent and a lover. Here’s a quick questionnaire if you need help starting the conversation about how parenthood has affected your relationship.

What’s one simple thing you could do for your partner (and yourself) today that promotes love?