TeenTip: Identity & Relationship: New Groups Enrolling Now!

If we could sum up our GirlTalk Therapy groups in two words they would be: Identity and Relationship. At the heart of our groups is a dedication to supporting teen girls as they figure out who they are and where they belong in their changing worlds.

We have a host of new groups rolling out this January and February! We’ve added on two new therapists, Natalia and Simone, to help us serve the growing population of tween and teen girls who have sought out our GirlTalk Therapy Groups and want to benefit from a supportive (and fun) group therapy environment. If you are considering joining a therapy group, now is a great time to get in to our programs since we are opening up several new group sections right now! Here’s a snapshot of the groups that are welcoming new members:

Yoga for Anxiety: Meeting at the Treehouse Yoga Studio (South Austin) Saturday mornings 9-10:15 am starting January 21 and running for 6 weeks; No intake required though we recommend an initial phone call with the group leader prior to starting.

General Middle School Group (Central and South Locations): We are opening one or two new middle school groups. These groups are great for girls who want to connect with other girls, build their empathy for self and others and process the highs and lows of growing up.

High School Group for Anxious Teens (South Location): We have one more opening for this early high school group that is geared toward teens who are challenged by anxiety.

General High School Group (Central Location): Looking for a few motivated girls who would like support managing stress, emotion regulation, friendships difficulties and building their self-confidence and self-compassion.

A few more things to know about GT Therapy Group:

  • We provide intakes with each of our clients and their guardians before group starts to ensure goodness of fit.
  • We have two locations in Austin - south and central - and we do our best to fit the preferences of our clients. Location, time and date of groups are based on availability and need.
  • Unless stated otherwise, our groups are open to new members (when there is room) and are ongoing, with members joining and graduating at different times throughout the lifespan of group.
  • To get started, contact us today and a therapist will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a phone call or intake session!
Brought to you by Blake & Tracy and the GTTG Team

Brought to you by Blake & Tracy and the GTTG Team

Stay tuned for more news about our growth and offerings! We will have young adult and parent groups coming out later this Spring too!