Meet Blake & Tracy: Our Story

For those of you who have met us in person, you've probably gathered that we are not just business partners but true friends through and through. However, we didn't have a cosmic connection right from the beginning, if you can imagine that! When we met in graduate school at St. Edward's University, we were probably a bit too similar in ways that kept us a little removed from each other. We were both the "raise your hand at all the questions, sit at the front of the class, go for the extra credit" type. Both leaders, we each had our own path in grad school, but both ended up doing some of our postgraduate training at Austin Child Guidance Center, where we began to nurture the beginning of our friendship. However, it wasn't until after the creation of our GirlTalk Therapy programs (the very beginning of GT Therapy Group) that we began to develop our genuine love and support for one another. 

Now we know that our individual differences, which you could probably spot if you've ever taken one of our workshops or trainings, have given us each some super powers for business and therapy (or, at least we'd like to think of it that way)! We like to say that we're complementary halves and that's what has helped us thrive in work and friendship, and it is what the foundation of our practice is built on.

GT Therapy Group launched in the summer of 2016 after 5+ years of our dynamic duo leading groups and workshops through our GirlTalk Therapy beginnings. As the groups and our individual practices began to thrive in the community, we began to outgrow our GirlTalk Therapy beginnings. If we wanted to offer more to meet the demands of our diverse clients, we needed more therapists. a broader mission, and a home for our dream practice.  We went into "power planning" mode and devised the idea of a place where we could provide more to our clients while also offering a training ground for other professionals and therapists. A place where we could nurture ourselves and our clients, where we could expand our professional development program and create the kind of community that we value so deeply.

Over the last two years we've each seen much more than our business grow. We're moms (each with one boy and Tracy with another on the way!), therapists, supervisors, wives, friends, community supporters and local business owners. We have a new home for our thriving group practice and a fantastic team of therapists we are so proud to partner with. We're honored to have our roots in Austin, Texas and look forward to what growth and transformation lies ahead. Welcome to GT Therapy Group