Awesome Dads...

The relationship of a tween/teen and her dad is something pretty special. Despite undergoing some significant changes and developments through childhood and adolescence that can sometimes seem to throw the relationship off course, fathers have a huge influence in their daughters' lives. Today's GirlTip pays tribute to Dads and recognizes the incredible power of the Father-Daughter relationship.

This dad took on the somewhat scary industry of tween/teen beauty products. He felt that his children were being marketed products that emphasized sex and put males and females into unhealthy gender stereotypes. So, what did he do about it? He created a new line of gender-neutral hygiene products! Way to go Dad!

Then, there is this dad. He may not have created a new product line to show his love for his daughter, but we like it just the same. A simple matching t-shirt let this daughter feel supported and loved by her father. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the web page and see some incredible messages from dads on how their daughters changed them.

Here's another dad that used his talents and creativity to help his sick mother see her grandchildren grow up year after year. Now he and his daughters have a tradition that will last them through the years and help their relationship stay healthy and strong.

Perhaps you are looking for a tradition or ritual that will help your relationship with your daughter flourish and prosper. Here are some ideas that you can start today!

1. Make a photo tradition

2. Create a daddy-daughter day

3. Make her a special breakfast each year on her birthday

4. Have a special way of telling her "I love you" without using those exact words (Daughter-Dad Code!)

5. Find a mutual interest and reserve some time each month for some fun

Daddy's Not-so-little Girl

Are you a dad struggling to keep your connection with your daughter as she is growing up? It is possible to maintain a strong relationship during the tween years, but you can also expect that relationship to change and evolve as she does.

Fathers play a crucial role in helping their daughters develop trusting, healthy relationships and a positive self-image. As your tween enters puberty, it's natural to experience some distancing. Dads and daughters have to navigate creating a new relationship as she becomes his not-so-little-girl, and it can be challenging for dads to watch their daughters exert their newfound independence. One of the greatest gifts a dad can give his tween daughter is the space to discover her new self while letting her know that her dad is still there for her whenever she needs him. Trust us, she will!

With Father's Day approaching, here are some ideas for dads and daughters that will help you keep that connection and score some points with your tween!

  • Take your daughter AND her friends (2 or 3) out for brunch on the weekend.
  • Make something together - visit a garage sale and repurpose a piece of furniture for her bedroom!
  • Have a movie night at home during the school week - let her stay up just a little bit longer than usual! And of course, let her choose the movie (with no grumbling from Dad) and a special snack.
  • Take her and a friend to Blues on the Green, Unplugged at the Grove or a Central Market music night for some free fun and great music!
  •  Go sweat it out with paintball! This is a high-energy game that girls and their dads are sure to love. After the game, grab a sno-cone together to cool off and relive the highlights!

Visit diyfather.com/fathers-and-daughters for some other great ideas and advice!