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Behind the Scenes of Your Therapist's Maternity Leave

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We’ve had the good fortune of partnering with Work Muse for a series on how we (Blake & Tracy) stumbled into job=sharing the role of co-owning and co-directing our beloved team here at GT Therapy Group. (See Part One here and Part Two here). This week we’re diving into what it’s like when a therapist and small business owner goes on maternity leave and how our partnership supports our work/life balance, our group practice, and ultimately serves our clients.

As some of you know, I will be going on maternity leave sometime in the next 6 weeks (!!) and I can’t credit my partner Tracy enough with making the whole process smooth and comfortable for me, our clients and our team. This is our fourth maternity leave to navigate together, and we’ve grown and transformed from each experience, personally and professionally.

For clients, it can be unsettling and disruptive when your therapist goes on an extended leave. It’s common to experience anxiety and uncertainty, wondering: Will she come back? What if I need support while she’s out? Who do I turn to? Is it ok to see another therapist while mine is on leave? How do I even do that? With a partnership like ours, we can leave our clients in capable hands, knowing that whatever comes up while we are out, our partner and support staff will be there to guide and support them with compassion and care, including connecting clients with other therapists or resources when they are in need.

For business owners, the prospect of going on maternity leave can be daunting and anxiety-provoking. What will happen to my business while I’m away? Who will put out the fires? Who will hold it all together? What if it all falls apart?? Having a job share team means that we can take our time off to focus on our family, having trust in our partner to keep the ship afloat while' we’re away. This peace of mind is priceless.

As I enter into my last weeks before my leave, I’m filled with gratitude for my partner Tracy, my GT Therapy Group team, and my clients. Thank you for walking on this journey with me and enriching this experience every step of the way.

Work Muse  supports job-sharing as a means of achieving work-life balance while having a thriving career; something near and dear to our hearts. Follow all the awesomeness here !

Money Matters: Blake & Tracy Talk Finances in Partnership with Work Muse


We’ve partnered with Work Muse in a series about our “accidental job share team” and how our partnership has formed the foundation of GT Therapy Group as well as leading us into an offshoot venture, Relationship Coaching for Business Partners (check out the first collaboration here). We are passionate about the work we do, and this partnership is the glue that holds it all together (including holding us together when one or both of us is getting a little too much life stuff at once).

This week we’re diving into real talk about money, and what we’ve learned about how our relationship with money influences our relationship with each other as well as the health of our business. Pretty much everything we’ve learned can also be applied to how we relate to money in our personal relationships as well, since being in business together is a lot like being in a marriage!

As relationship therapists, it really all comes back to relationships. What we’ve learned about how to relate to money from our earliest experiences in our families, the beliefs & values we have about money, the fears & worries we have about money, what is ok and not ok to talk about when it comes to finances…it’s all part of what has helped us grow, meet our individual and collective needs, and nurture our partnership and our business

Job sharing our therapy practice was the best decision we ever made, one that’s given us an appreciation for job share teams in every sector. Our goal is to support your job share partnership’s health and well being through our personal experience job sharing and counseling partners in life and business. That way, even in the hard areas, like bacon and biscuits, you reap the enormous benefits of job sharing. Read on…

Work Muse  supports job-sharing as a means of achieving work-life balance while having a thriving career; something near and dear to our hearts. Follow all the awesomeness here !

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