Relationship Coaching for Business Partners

local austin business coaching and online coaching available

We get it. Running your own business can feel like more than a full time job. Sharing that responsibility with a partner can feel like being in a second marriage, with all the joy, laughter and, yes, even irritability and frustration that comes with that. As business owners, dedicated partners and certified Transformational Coaching Method® practitioners, we have the inside track to help you  use the power of your relationship to build on your individual & partnership strengths, identify your growth edges, and become better together. 

  • Learn how (and why!) to put your relationship first

  • Overcome money mindset obstacles & learn how to talk about finances without fear

  • Become strategic, intentional and powerful in your partnership


2-on-2 innovative relationship + business Coaching

Let us create space to support your most important business asset: your relationship. In our signature 2-on-2 relationship coaching for business partners, you and your sidekick can dive in with the two of us for a rich, customized and in-depth look at how your relationship health directly impacts the success of your business. We work with business partners in Austin and online to strengthen your communication and connection to get the most out of your partnership, grow your business, and to bring more joy to your work life.


virtual coaching + Packages

Whether you are a local Austin business looking for the ease of online coaching or business partners from around the world, we've got you covered. Our coaching program is tailored and highly effective online and by phone, and our packages offer extensive online support between sessions. Each program is unique to reflect the needs of your business and partnership, but all include the following: 

  • A series of phone, video or in-person 2+2 and 1+1 sessions where you and your partner can dive in with Blake & Tracy separately and together

  • Email and text availability for in-the-moment support between sessions

  • Access to our extensive library of online resources and worksheets

  • Tailored assignments between sessions to maximize your time and get the most out of your program

Transformational coaching method™


This integrative coaching program blends the best of vetted therapy practices with the goals-driven model of a highly effective coaching format. Within this framework, we help you discover your limiting beliefs that keep your partnership and your business stuck, and identify your uniquely matched strengths to elevate your relationship and your business to the next level. Through TCM™ with Blake & Tracy, you will learn: 

  • How to stop self-sabotaging and unlock your potential

  • How to let go of the fears that keep you and your partner stuck

  • How to understand the complexities of your relationship, and how your individual strengths and growth edges can become your businesses' biggest asset

  • How to get clarity and focus on your big, hairy, audacious goals and dreams, and how to move with intention on your journey to making them a reality

  • How to deepen your connection, strengthen your communication, and utilize the full power of your partnership

Ready to take your partnership to the next level? Send us a note and we'll be in touch within 48 hours with next steps.

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