Austin's TeenWise® Parent Coaching

We are here to support you in parenting your teens from a place of wisdom and heart. We help parents navigating the tricky waters of adolescence find peace in the storm, purpose in the challenges, and power in the letting go. Using cutting-edge neuroscience, extensive experience in family systems therapy models, and our unique blend of humor, compassion and coaching, we are here to help you transform your experience of parenting teens.


what Does it mean to be teenwise®?

Being TeenWise® is about understanding how the teen brain is wired, how it's different than an adult brain, and how to help the two work collaboratively, rather than getting stuck in perpetual conflict. Our TeenWise® parents have the tools to navigate the emotional landscape of adolescence with confidence and calm. They have the skills to transform power struggles into growth opportunities. They have become masters of self-compassion and are more empowered to engage their teen effectively, manage challenging behaviors, and move through the transformative adolescent years with more ease. Becoming TeenWise® takes a willingness to dig deep, learn from your own adolescence, and get comfortable with all the uncertainty and impermanence of the teen years. You don't have to parent alone.

What can parent coaching help me with?

Parent coaching can help you with setting healthy boundaries with your teen, having an accountability partner outside your co-parent to hold you to your parenting goals, and giving you and your co-parent tangible ideas to bring more joy to your parenting and more support to your partnership. Whether you are divorced, remarried, single or partnered, parent coaching can help you develop a strong parenting plan that allows you to parent your teen with more confidence, clarity and compassion. 

what is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is collaborative, directive, strengths-based and can be short- or long-term. Parent coaching can be an element of therapy for mental health issues, but it can also be distinct from therapy and focused more on day-to-day problem-solving. If you're unsure if parent coaching or family therapy is right for you, get in touch with us and we can help you determine the best fit for you and your family. Parent coaching can be structured as a package of online, in-person, and between-session work with Blake & Tracy, and is tailored to each parents' unique needs. 

our guiding principles

We’ve integrated the best of recent adolescent neurobiology, attachment science and our years of experience working with families just like you (and of course our own journeys in parenting). These are some of the values that inform our TeenWise program:

  • The repair matters more than the rupture

  • Self-compassion builds self-worth, grit & resilience

  • Empathy doesn't equal approval

  • Knowing brain states & nervous system responses is key

  • It’s about connection more than communication

  • Structure is best when paired with flexibility

  • Emotion regulation can't be taught without being practiced and can't be learned without dysregulation

  • How we say it matters as much as what we say

  • You can't pour from an empty cup

  • Responsive & reflective > reactive and reflexive

  • The past informs the present; it does not define it or limit it as long as we learn from it

  • Presence over perfection

  • You are enough just as you are

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