Therapy Across the Lifespan

Individual, family, couples and group therapy in the heart of Austin for children, teens & adults.

Blake  &  Tracy   Founders & Directors | Therapists | Supervisors

Blake & Tracy

Founders & Directors | Therapists | Supervisors

We believe in the power of therapy to transform lives. You may be considering therapy for a number of reasons. At GT Therapy Group, we have a team of integrative therapists who share a commitment to individualized therapy with you at the heart of treatment. Our therapists have different backgrounds, unique training and expertise, and all offer a commitment to our core value of family systems-oriented therapy, rooted in our belief that we are all shaped by our family, culture, community, and that we are best supported in growth & transformation through the systems lens. We strongly believe that the client-therapist "match" is the highest priority for a successful counseling experience. Get in touch with us to connect with a therapist for a free initial phone call to help you find the right fit and read below to learn about who we serve, types of therapy we offer and information on fees & frequently asked questions about therapy.

Who we serve

We work with men & women, girls & boys, children, teens and adults. Wondering if we have a therapist who would be a good fit for you? You can contact us to have someone from our team talk you through the process of finding the right fit for your needs. Read below to learn a little more about who benefits from our approach to therapy...


We work with children who...

  • Struggle in school

  • Have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors

  • Don't always fit in and have a hard time with friendships

  • Have experienced trauma

  • Have been through divorce, remarriage, big moves and other major life transitions

  • Have trouble staying focused

  • Are gifted & talented, with all the attendant strengths & challenges

  • Have challenging family relationships


We work with teens who...

  • Have depression & anxiety, or just have a hard time managing their big emotions

  • Struggle to fit in and make or keep healthy relationships

  • Don't always get along with their family

  • Have a hard time feeling good about themselves

  • Might not talk to their parents much, but really need to talk to someone

  • Feel overwhelmed, stressed out and burdened by the balance between school, friends and family

  • Have high expectations and struggle with perfectionism


We work with adults who...

  • Are navigating major life transitions like marriage, divorce, repartnering, career changes and more

  • Know that something isn't working but aren't sure what to change or where to start

  • Want to learn more about themselves and their relationships

  • Are dealing with the joys and challenges of parenting and partnering

  • Just finished high school or college and aren't quite sure what happens next

  • Want more joy, less suffering and to live a life that feels meaningful

We believe in vulnerability as strength. We believe in the worth and dignity of each person. We believe that change is possible.

types of counseling & therapy

couples Counseling

For couples who cohabit, who are married, who are thinking about marriage, who are life partners, or who are just starting out. The couples counseling, relationship therapy, marriage counseling and partner therapy we offer supports healthy relationships, recovery from ruptures, improves connection & communication, navigates divorce & separation, and prepares for marriage, kids, career changes, big moves and so much more. 

Individual Counseling 

One on one therapy for all ages. Individual therapy can support you in managing things like anxiety & depression, recovering from trauma and grief, learning more about self-compassion & improving your sense of self, navigating life transitions and big decisions, and having a safe space to explore your life, your family, your feelings, needs, goals, hopes and dreams. 

group therapy

For individuals with similar needs to meet in groups of 4 to 8.  Our groups are generally open and ongoing, so members join and graduate at different times. Group therapy can be a wonderful way to learn more about yourself and your relationships. 

family Therapy

Family therapy is meeting with two or more members of a family: nuclear, extended and chosen. Each session might have different parts of the family participating, and sometimes individual or couples sessions are a part of family therapy. Family therapy helps families:

  • Connect through conflict

  • Navigate life transitions like divorce, remarriage, and other significant changes

  • Repair relationships

  • Learn how to deal with a family member's anxiety or depression

  • Learn about parent coaching and co-parenting support