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Welcome to GT Therapy Group!  We are a diverse group of Austin therapists who work with children, teens and adults. We offer group therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, parent coaching, individual therapy and our approach is systemic, holistic and tailored to your needs.

Explore who we are and how we can help you on your path of Growth & Transformation. 


ABout GT Therapy Group

 Austin therapy and so much more: Therapy for individuals, couples and families across the lifespan at our center in the heart of Austin.  Teaching for schools, educators and parents with our innovative TEENWISE® series. And high quality Training for Austin therapists who are dedicated to their work with the whole person and want to enrich their professional growth from a family systems and holistic approach to therapy.Learn more about our story, our team and our community.  Find out how you can join us in growth & transformation. 

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Gt tiPs

GT Tips is your Austin Therapy home to our musings on life & love, adolescence & adulthood, and parenting & partnering. We share links to what intrigues us, and offer articles that inspire and get us thinking. 

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