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Appointments are available 7 days a week from 8am-9pm. We strive to connect each person with their preferred therapist, however scheduling and availability vary. In the event your preferred therapist is unavailable or unable to meet your schedule needs, we will match you with another qualified provider.


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Please note that we are considered Out of Network for insurance providers. We can offer statements for possible reimbursement. Standard session fees are $150/45 minute session for Senior Therapists and $125/45 minute session for Associate Therapists. Sliding scale ranges from $120-75.
If you are in need of sliding scale, please select which options best suits your needs at this time. If you are unsure and would like a handout to inform your choice or to have of our staff to call you to discuss, please choose "unsure."

Community Resources

We LOVE Austin and the many wonderful resources available to our neighbors. We encourage you to peruse some community resources and see if they might be of support to you!

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