Austin Therapy for The Busy Professional

Austin therapy for entrepreneurs, professionals, hustlers, chronic overachievers, perfectionists, at-home parents with too much on their plate, and anyone who considers themselves to be monumentally busy, chronically stressed, and seriously unfulfilled. We work with adults who find themselves with packed calendars but often feel lonely, who have successful careers but feel like it's never enough, who are stay-at-home parents raising incredible tiny humans but feel like they're failing. We know how hard it can be to stop and notice when the busy-ness isn't working anymore, and how much harder it can be to know what to do to change it.

At GT Therapy Group, we can help you slow down just long enough to find a different way to experience your life, so that you can be busy in ways that are actually meaningful and find more purpose in being present, not perfect. 

Photo by  Austin Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

challenging the glorification of busy

If you are one of the millions of Americans who feel busier than ever, but like it's never enough, then trust us when we say: "It's not you, it's the culture."  Maybe you've never tried therapy before, but have had the nagging feeling that something is missing. Maybe you've wrestled with feeling like it's a sign of weakness to ask for help. Maybe you've wanted to talk to someone but have said over and over again: "There just isn't enough time." 

Being busy can help us create the illusion of having it all, but it also can leave us disconnected, numb, worn out, and anxious. 

Therapy is one of the only places where we give ourselves permission to just be. Where we have a partner who can help us learn how to slow down, tune in to our minds and our bodies in a new way, and who can help us create more meaning & purpose in our overscheduled lives. It's a place where we are tasked with uncovering what's really important amidst all the urgent items on our to-do lists, and where we can shift into a more intentional & mindful way of moving in our lives and in our relationships.

Life is about more than the hustle. Give yourself the gift of finding purpose, pleasure and peace in the pauses.

Photo by  Kerry Chipman  on  Unsplash

convenient Hours & downtown offices

Here's the thing about being perpetually busy. When do you have time to go to therapy?! We get it. We can't add more hours to the day, but we can help you get more fulfillment out of the hours you have. We offer flexible hours every day of the week (every therapist has his or her own schedule), with convenient morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments available. We're conveniently located in central Austin, walking distance to UT, and 5 minutes from the heart of downtown. 

Photo by Holly Postler

Photo by Holly Postler

relationship coaching for business partners

As recovering busy-bodies (and as full-time entrepreneurs, moms, spouses, and therapists), Blake & Tracy found that their partnership gave them special insight into the relationship dynamics of business partners, professionals and entrepreneurs. If you're looking to harness the power of your partnership to elevate your business and your life, relationship coaching might be the key to get you unstuck and moving towards your big dreams.