Austin Family Therapy

Families. From the ones we are born or adopted into, to the ones we choose and create, families are the foundation of our lives and can be the source of our deepest joys and our greatest challenges. As family therapists, we are trained to work with families across the lifespan. We can help you uncover unhelpful patterns in relationships, learn how to feel more securely attached, heal from harmful family relationships, and learn more about yourself in the context of your primary relationships. 

family therapy with kids

Having kids is a game changer and there is no manual for how to raise them, no matter what all the parenting books say. Family therapy is an effective way to help families with children heal through life transitions like divorce & remarriage, as well as experiences like grief & loss. Therapy can also help families learn to manage issues like addiction, trauma, depression or anxiety, and even things like ADHD, behavior issues at school, emotion regulation and the development of healthy social and relational skills. Family therapy with kids can be playful, through the incorporation of games & activities, and it can also be a meaningful way to weave in moments of real connection.

Family therapy with teens

Family therapy with teens can help parents understand their teen's brain in order to communicate with them more effectively, recover from family conflicts, and navigate the turbulent teen years with more calm and connection. Family therapy with teens can support families dealing with substance abuse, depression & anxiety, trauma, grief & loss, divorce & remarriage, and the navigation of the launching process. It can include a combination of individual sessions, whole family sessions, pairs of family members, and time for parents or co-parents to work with a therapist or team of therapists. With a blend of humor and heart, our therapists will help make it possible to heal together.

Photo by  Helena Lopes  on  Unsplash

Family therapy with adults

Just because we're grown up, doesn't mean we've outgrown our past. Adult families can find themselves still struggling with the same patterns, roles, conflicts and heartaches that have often been passed down through the generations. Family therapy can help families learn new ways of being together and how to break free of unhelpful patterns & roles, while also creating a new vision for their family across generations. Family therapy with adults can include parents and their adult children, adult siblings, or any other combination of born or chosen family that could use a safe and supportive space to heal relationships.