Austin Therapy for the Gifted

Excuse me, What did you say?

Ah! This word can make so many people cringe. It can be so hard to say without having some sort eye roll or apologetic grin on your face. What do we even mean by this 'gifted' thing? I mean, aren't we all in some way? ...

Well, yes, we all are pretty special human beings and just because one person is special doesn't mean that another person isn't. There isn't a limit to specialness - we are all unique human beings. But what we're talking about is different than that. There is a portion of this population, a very small portion, who fall within the realm of gifted. They aren't better than anybody else, their lives aren't easier and they also aren't automatically able to anything they want. In fact, this percentage of the population face a lot of challenges, particularly socially and emotionally. 

What Does Therapy Look Like for Gifted Folks?

Photo by  Greg Rakozy  on  Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Therapy for gifted individuals closely, if not exactly, resembles therapy for anyone else. The defining features are that the therapist is greatly aware of the particular needs and experiences a gifted person may have, provides compassion and education regarding those needs and experiences, and can help navigate a client to the places they want to go based on those needs and experiences. Factors that play a role in therapy include, but are certainly not to limited to, understanding and management of the Overexcitabilities, exploring and coping with existential curiosities and questions, tapping into innate creativity and passion, identifying purpose and meaning in life, embracing imperfections and accessing one's potential and motivation, and addressing underachievement or over-functioning. Sound interesting? There's a whole lot more where that came from!

You don't need an IQ test to start therapy on issues related to giftedness, and there's a lot more to a person and their giftedness aside from one's IQ. Ask us more! We'd be happy to help!

I’m Gifted (or My kid is Gifted). Who Can work with me (My family)?

All of our therapists are able to confidently work with the gifted population. Co-Director, Tracy Tanner, has been working with this population in some capacity throughout her career. Part of her reasons for creating a group practice were so more gifted clients could be seen by competent therapists. Tracy provides on-going training and consultation for our therapists on the needs of the gifted. You are in good hands.