Austin Therapy for College Students & Young Adults

Your late teens and 20s are a time of incredible growth & transformation. Maybe you’re living on your own (or trying to get there), figuring out how to stay on top of classes or your first job, juggling work, and meeting new people. Many of you are away from everything familiar and sometimes feel alone in a sea of people. These years can be lonely, stressful, overwhelming, and at the same time, very exciting. Counseling for college students and young adults can help you have a safe space to explore your relationships, identity, dreams, challenges, heartbreaks and sense of meaning and purpose. We're here for you.


Individual & relationship therapy

Whether you're looking to have one-on-one counseling for help with anxiety, depression, school stress, the college transition, or relationship counseling with your partner, your family or even your roommate, we've got you covered. 


convenient location 

Our offices are in the heart of West Campus, within walking distance of UT and many bus lines for college students from the surrounding areas. We've made our space homey, comfortable and somewhere you will be able to sink into the sofa, spread out on the floor, or sit out on our porch breathing in the fresh air. 


group therapy

Sometimes it helps to be reminded that, whatever we're going through, we are not as alone as we might feel. Group therapy for college students is one way to deepen your connections, learn more about who you are and where you belong, get and give support, and build strong interpersonal skills.